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G’day! I’m Hayden Ashton and I’ve been living ``The Real Australian Dream” since Jan 2021.

That was when my life did a complete 180 degrees. Up until that point I was regarded as a high-performance sales expert within the real estate and construction industry. Up until Jan 2021, I was the Sales Manager of a QLD based construction company whereby II oversaw in excess of $28 million dollars in sales.

In Dec 2020, I’d achieved more than I’d ever hoped to as a 26-year-old. I was the host of a podcast which amassed over 150,000 views in its first season. I had a growing property portfolio, no debt, an offshore fishing boat, jet skis. All of the toys a young bloke could have asked for. But I knew it was no longer making me happy. I didn’t feel inspired. With all that, here I was thinking there’s got to be more to life. Not more money, but more meaning. I wanted to inspire people. So I left it all behind. Within a week my partner and I packed up the house, bought a caravan and we started a new journey to travel Australia living our own version of “ The Real Australian Dream” which was to inspire people and influence people with positive energy.

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